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Latest Draw : Wednesday, May 22 2024

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Shoutout to the winner for the Wednesday period Draw!!. Claim your prize and share your fortune with others.

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Our Mission

We believe in giving back to our community and our consumers. Every purchase of an Texas Lottery product will have an enormous impact on our lives, the community and the region by contributing to a healthier society, a sustainable future and a better world for us to thrive in.


Based in the Texas, Texas Lottery is a CSR-first organisation that promotes the marketing and execution of multiple events, draws, and products that serve society in an entertaining yet conscious manner. Our focus is to use various avenues of content innovation paired with the latest technology to deliver a rewarding experience for consumers throughout Saudi Arabia.  The DNA of our organisation is built on pro-societal and environment-driven initiatives and aligns itself with like-minded national and regional programmes.  Our role is to make a resonating impact and inspire people and organisations in working together toward building a better tomorrow.

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